Shree Venkatesh Nagar, Igatpuri

Digital Detox - Life At Shree Venkatesh Nagar, Igatpuri

Less Whatsapp, More Family Time!

The notification bubble from your smartphone won’t come in the way of quality family time at Shree Venkatesh Nagar, Igatpuri. With 5 landscaped gardens, sunset deck, gorgeous mountains and an indoor & outdoor sports arena at your disposal, you will never fall short of doing new activities with your family. 

Less Uber, More Nature Trails.

You won’t need to hail a ride from your smartphone to explore Igatpuri. Just grab your bicycle or your walking shoes, and get mesmerized by the marvels of nature. 

Less Twitter, More Bird Watching.

Your 240 character vents on Social Media can take a break. Sitting on the balcony of your dream holiday home, you can expect a lot of visitors from up above. Our feathered friends will be a treat for a lazy day. Don’t forget to keep your binoculars handy.

Less Big Basket, More Food From Your Backyard Garden.

You will never go back to ordering veggies from a store once your taste buds get used to the deliciousness of freshly picked fruits and veggies from your own backyard garden. Gardening can be seriously therapeutic and addictive. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Less Netflix, More Chill.

Slow down, pause, reflect and unwind at your dream holiday home. With the plethora of nature activities at your disposal you would want to spend less time watching movies and more time living life.

Less Spotify, More Sounds of Nature.

The early morning crowing of roosters, the sweet melody of raindrops, the swirling of leaves with the wind, the chirping of birds on your balcony, they hit you differently when the source is nature.

If the above #LifeAtSVN sounds fascinating to you, get in touch with our team and book a site visit. 

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