Shree Venkatesh Nagar, Igatpuri

Relax and Unwind in the Serenity of Igatpuri, Mumbai.

For many, the dream city of Mumbai is the fulfilment of dreams and the heart and soul of modern India. Irrespective of the time of night or day, the city is always bustling with a rush of activity akin to blood rushing through the veins of an intricate system.

As a city dweller working hard to realise your dreams in the big city, taking the time to unwind once every few weekends should be high on your to-do list. Apart from being a commercial hub that keeps thousands of men and women busy throughout the week, the city of Mumbai offers scenic landscapes and majestic views in her suburbs for city dwellers to marvel in.

To help you take in the beautiful surrounds within the outskirts of Mumbai, there are a number of picnic grounds and resorts located for convenience. Most picnic grounds are located a brief drive away from the city and offer a tranquil and relaxing environment that makes for the perfect weekend getaway. A weekend out on the picnic grounds away from the hustle and bustle of the city offers an enriching, invigorating and wholesome experience for an individual. Additionally, it also offers time to reconnect with family and recover those hours lost to a busy schedule during the week. Most of these picnic spots have been converted into established resorts offering an assortment of services for individuals looking to wind down.

The vacation resorts and villas are located in the lush backdrop of towering hills with temperatures that are just right to make the perfect weekend holiday destination. Igatpuri, an area located at the bottom of the majestic Western Ghats in Nasik District, is a perfect representation of the breathtaking outskirts of Mumbai. The jagged topography that characterises the hilltops and the dense, natural vegetation decorating the hills provide the perfect spot for treks and strolls along nature trails. The scenery normally gets an added allure when the monsoon season sets, with an additional blanket of greenery over the area and majestic waterfalls scattered across the Igatpuri landscape.

The waterfalls at Igatpuri are a remarkable sight that draws hundreds of visitors every month throughout the monsoon season. Located a few kilometres from the Ghatandevi Temple, the waterfall system consists of five breathtaking waterfalls that fall over each other as they pour down the rocky topography of the Western Ghats. The waterfalls are easily visible from the railway line that cuts through the area. This is one of the most common picnic spots for local residents and tourists in Igatpuri.

Igatpuri is also home to two lakes that are tucked away within the geography of the Western Ghats. The Railway’s Lake is located close to the village of Girnar and maintained by the local municipality. The other lake, Talegaone Lake, is smaller than the Railway Lake but still offers the same tranquil environment for relaxation. The shores of Igatpuri’s lakes offer one of the best picnic spots in the area as friends and family normally gather to spend a relaxing weekend together. The Bhatsa River Valley and the Camel Valley located within Igatpuri provide bird lovers with the opportunity to sample the area’s best collection of bird species. Additionally, the woody valleys are a prime area for trekking and backpacking with friends in nature’s tranquillity.

Mumbai is a city of endless possibilities. With a myriad of work-related health conditions affecting more people each day, it is important to take the time occasionally to relax and unwind. Igatpuri offers the best options for those in and around Mumbai seeking a tranquil environment to relax. The scenic landscape offers you the chance to spend some quiet time alone or reconnect with your loved one and rekindle lost love. Alternatively, you can choose to spend quality time with friends and family for a fun and memorable time out. Igatpuri offers many quality resorts to suit all kinds of budgets ranging from cosy, affordable resorts to 5-star resorts offering luxurious, world-class services and amenities. Depending on your taste and budget, you can go backpacking across Igatpuri’s beautiful nature trails or rent a luxury bungalow. Therefore, whether you are looking for an enjoyable stroll in the abundance of nature or looking to relax with exotic spas and massages in a weekend of pampering, Igatpuri offers the best of both worlds within Mumbai’s outskirts.